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Tansu Yachts


Tansu Yachts

Tansu Yachts is a superyacht manufacturer and shipyard based in Türkiye. The company produces high quality and innovative superyachts under the leadership of Rıza Tansu. Tansu Yachts has an important place in the sector with its various projects. Here are some important projects and activities of Tansu Yachts:

TIGERSHARK One-26: The 38.4-meter TIGERSHARK One-26 from the TANSU SPEC Range was sold in 2019. This project reflects the trend of customers opting for a partially completed boat rather than waiting a long time for delivery.

36.4m Preference: Tansu 36.4m Preference (formerly Nomade), built in 2011, sold in 2019. This sale was cited as proof of Tansu Yachts’ resale value and attracted attention in the industry.

Serena’s Survival: Tansu Yachts introduced a project in which she curated art and displayed a collection of works by Carole A. Feuerman on her yachts.

Current Projects: After winning the International Boat Design and Innovation Award for Cyclone in 2018, Tansu Yachts has continued with 4 projects under construction.

New Contract: A new contract has been signed for the 28-meter Typhoon Class yacht. This project attracts attention with a classic design and tasteful details.

Cyclone: The latest addition to Tansu’s fleet, the 43.7-meter Cyclone, was delivered in 2017. This project targets the younger generation of yacht buyers with its minimalist style and open-plan living spaces.

Cyclone’s Success: The Cyclone won a major award at the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards in 2018, winning Boat International’s Gold Neptune in the best exterior design category.

German Design Award: Tansu’s Sexy Fish project won an award in the Excellent Product Design category at the German Design Award 2018.

Tansu Panacea Repair: Tansu carried out remodeling projects of the 20-meter Tansu Panacea and collaborated with Tufan and Brothers on this project.

Tansu Yachts is a luxury yacht manufacturer based in Türkiye. Here are some important news about Tansu Yachts:

Tigershark One-26 Sold!: Tansu Yachts’ 38.4-meter Tigershark One-26 model named “TANSU SPEC Range” has been sold. Instead of waiting two years for delivery, customers opt for a partially built boat, allowing for more sales.

36.4 m Preference Sold: The 2011 Tansu 36.4 meter Preference model was sold through TWW Yachts. The successful resale of the yacht proved that Tansu has great resale value for its yachts.

Serena’s Survival: Tansu Yachts purchased works belonging to Carole A. Feuerman, for whom she was the art curator. These works were purchased for display on ships and continue to accompany the ship even when sold.

Our Current Staff – 4 Projects Under Construction: Tansu Yachts continues to work on 4 projects, leaving behind a successful 2018 after winning the International Boat Design and Innovation Award.

New Contract: 28 m Typhoon Class Yacht: Tansu Yachts announced a contract for the new 28 m Typhoon Class yacht. It is stated that this classically designed yacht has tasteful details.

Cyclone is a Finalist in Boat International Design & Innovation Awards: The 43.7-meter yacht Cyclone has been selected as a finalist in Boat International’s 2018 Design and Innovation Awards. The yacht became a finalist in the “Best Exterior Design (Motoryacht under 45 meters)” and “Best Interior Design (Motoryacht under 399 GT)” categories.

Tansu Yachts has an important position in the luxury yacht industry as a brand known for its innovative designs and quality workmanship.

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