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Rizzardi Yachts

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27 Şubat 2024 - 10:25

Rizzardi Yachts


Rizzardi Yachts: A Passion in Sailing

Rizzardi Yachts is on a mission to meet the demands of owners of unique yachts known for their beauty, performance and level of customization. By continuing a journey full of passion and professionalism, it has adopted the vision of becoming a reference point in the sailing world and achieving more ambitious results every day.

When we look at our history, it all started more than 40 years ago with the love of the sea, research and obsession with perfection of one man, one family and today a world-famous company. The Rizzardi family’s passion enabled them to launch more than 500 boats that still sail the seas today, building owners who strongly desire them.

Our traditions reflect a tradition in which our design and production systems evolve every day, but deep-rooted values are passed on from generation to generation.

Rizzardi takes an approach where custom construction is at the forefront. Our customers are not just customers for us, but also project partners with whom we work, listen to their requests and offer them special solutions. Each Rizzardi boat is unique and personalized.

Our designers, shipyards and materials are proudly 100% Italian in origin. Italian style and creativity are recognized worldwide as leaders, which has enabled Rizzardi to stand out in the pursuit of excellence in sailing, accessories and design.

Quality is not a feature for us, it is a philosophy. We work with everyone who shares this vision to guarantee maximum standards to our customers. Qualified personnel, expert craftsmen and technologically advanced design and production systems successfully support the company’s desire to realize yachts of absolute quality standards.

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