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Motoryacht for sale

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19 Aralık 2023 - 11:44

Motoryacht for sale

Sea Enthusiasts’ Dream: Motoryacht for Sale!
A wonderful opportunity for those who want to enjoy luxury and freedom, surrounded by the sea: ANC 30! This stylish motor yacht is not just a boat, it offers a lifestyle that redefines maritime passion.

A Technical Marvel: Technical Specifications of ANC 30
Combining a strong and elegant design, ANC 30 brings together high-level performance and comfort at sea. Here are the technical features of this magnificent motor yacht:

Height: 9.20 + 75cm Platform
Full Length: 9.95m
Width: 3.10m
Height: 3.11m
Draft: 60cm
Weight: 4.5 Tons (Empty)
Speed: 11 Knots (with 105 HP)
Number of Passengers: 10 People
Certificate: CE
[Continuing technical details…]
Comfort and Style: Interior Design
The interior design of ANC 30 combines comfort and elegance. A special bed and storage areas await you in its large camera. Under the cabin, 1000 liters of storage space and a functional tall cabinet maximize your comfort.

Fun and Pleasure: Equipment and Details
This motor yacht stands out not only with its technical features but also with its entertainment and comfort equipment. Equipped with sunbathing cushions, rest and seat cushions, Pioneer sound system and 360-degree controlled projector, it is designed for you to experience unforgettable moments.

Technology and Design: Luxury at Sea
ANC 30 makes a difference with its powerful engine and spacious interior, as well as with its technology and design details. It adapts to your modern lifestyle with its USB charging ports, color-changing LED lighting inside the cabin, deck coating options and specially designed chrome entrance door.

An Unforgettable Experience: Buy ANC 30
Take action now to buy this unique motor yacht! ANC 30 is waiting for you with special price advantages and flexible payment options. Contact us now to reach the peak of maritime luxury and experience an unforgettable sea adventure.

Contact information:
Harmony Yachts
Address: Ulu Önder Zümrüt Mah. Atatürk Caddesi No:278/4, 07000 Konyaaltı/ANTALYA

Authorized Sales Broker:
Phone: +90 532 411 46 89

Getting your dream Motoryacht is now much closer! Meet the sea with ANC 30, enjoy freedom and luxury.

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