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Morgan Bay Boat Company

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:23

Morgan Bay Boat Company

Morgan Bay Boat Company: Pioneer of Down East Style

Founded in 1993, Morgan Bay Boat Company operates as a family business. The company is best known for custom designing and building Down East style sport fishing and pleasure boats. Morgan Bay Boat Company aims to provide customers with an experience that they will not only be proud of, but also meet their personal boating needs.

Private Boats and Close Cooperation
Morgan Bay Boat Company works closely with each customer to deliver fully customized and tailored boats. In addition to boats that maximize the elegance and functionality of the Down East style, it also takes into account the personal demands of the customers.

Experience and Service
The company has a large service area, servicing more than 100 boats per year. This experience allows customers to understand how important the serviceability of the boats they purchase is. Morgan Bay Boat Company prioritizes customer satisfaction and service access by adopting the philosophy of “If you can’t reach, you can’t get service.”

Quality and Collaboration
The company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of the construction process. It works meticulously to exceed customers’ expectations and delivers boats that combine the elegance and durability of Down East style.

Morgan Bay Boat Company continues to make a name for itself as a pioneer of Down East style, providing each customer with a special and unforgettable experience.