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Codecasa Yachts

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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:11

Codecasa Yachts

Codecasa: Pioneer of the Luxury Yachting Industry
Codecasa Shipyards was founded in Viareggio in 1825 by Giovanni Battista Codecasa and has established itself firmly in the luxury yachting industry. Today, Codecasa Shipyards Group offers a wide range of yachts combining the highest quality, technological innovation, reliability, design and comfort.

1825: Giovanni Battista Codecasa begins operations as a shipbuilder in Viareggio.
1902: Tistino, son of Giovan Battista Codecasa, establishes his own shipyard with his father to build sailboats.
1946: Giovan Battista Codecasa builds fishing boats and various other boats in addition to more than 50 sailing vessels and retires from the business.
1973: Fulvio Codecasa succeeds his father Ugo and begins producing luxury motor yachts.
1977: Founding of Cantieri Navali Ugo Codecasa SpA in Viareggio Nuova Darsena.
1982: The former Codecasa Shipyards in Darsena Toscana are converted into the Codecasa Due joint stock company.
1987: Establishment of Codecasa Tre SpA Shipyards in Viareggio Nuova Darsena.
2011: Production is partially moved to the new site at Darsena dei Navicelli in Pisa.
Codecasa Shipyards Group specializes in a wide range of steel and light alloy motoryachts ranging from 30 to 70 metres. Over the last decade, the company has expanded its offer and moved into new segments such as all-aluminium alloy fast yachts.

Each Codecasa yacht is carefully designed and built to meet the customer’s personal demands. In every style, whether modern, classic or minimalist, interior furnishings are carefully crafted to the highest standards. Codecasa Shipyards continues to offer unique experiences to its customers with its globally recognized high quality and technical standards.

Still managed by the Codecasa family, the shipyards have continuously evolved since their establishment to become one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motor yachts.

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