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Belliure: Spanish Quality in Maritime

Belliure is a shipping company founded in Alicante, Spain, in 1953 by Vicente Belliure. Initially, its main activity was the construction and repair of wooden fishing boats. However, the company’s success and reputation expanded and diversified over time.

Establishment Period and Construction of Wooden Boats

At the time of its establishment, Belliure’s area of expertise was fishing boats with displacements between 70 and 350 tons. More than 160 fishing boats were built in the shipyard between 1953 and 1974. These boats were carefully designed and built under the leadership of Vicente Belliure.

Innovative Steps and Expansion

In 1974, the company entered a new era by creating a pleasure boats division. During this period, Belliure continued to grow by adapting to modern technology with the use of new materials such as fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). With the use of FRP, the production of lighter and more durable boats has become possible.

Modernization and Expansion

With technological advances, Belliure has improved its production process by equipping its facilities with modern equipment. With the use of innovative materials such as polyester and epoxy resins, new types of glass fiber, kevlar, carbon and sandwich materials, the company began the production of larger and more modern sailboats. By expanding its production range, it has become a globally recognized brand.

Present and Future

Today, Belliure has a solid position in the maritime industry. Known for its high quality and prestigious boats, the company consistently maintains customer satisfaction and leadership in the maritime industry. With its innovative approach and quality products, Belliure will continue to exist as an important player in the maritime world.

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